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Dorcheat Historical Association Museum, Inc.

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Dorcheat Historical Association Museum, Inc.

[email protected]



Schelley Brown Francis

Jessica Stewart Gorman 

people who have worked hard behind the scenes


Current Board Members

Mike Harper  as President, Marcel Vandenoord as Vice-President, Janet LaBruyere as Treasurer,

Lola Morgan Kidd as Recording Secretary, Schelley Brown Francis as Museum Director, 

Jessica Stewart Gorman as Museum Assistant Director and Archivist,

Charlotte Martin, Richard Campbell, Becky Marvin, Kay Elzen,  Jo McCullough, Charlotte Jones, Mary Ann Hamilton, Lucy Adkins, Rachel Miller, Ki Williams, Sandy Wilkie, Bob Wilkie, Gary Haynes, Donna Sutton,

Ronald Swafford, Scott McCullough, Melanie McCullough, Melissa Marvin Brown

Emeritus Board Members 

Louise Baird Snook past President 2008 - 2022

Ann Harlan Past Recording Secretary 2007 - 2003

Cora Lou Robinson 2008 - 2022

Dianne McGuire 2015 - 2019

Carleton Prothro 2008 - 2017

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​Help ​Us Preserve Webster Parish History

The Dorcheat Museum is a 501c3 organization so every dollar you give is tax deductible.  Our mission to save our history depends on you!   We now offer donations through Paypal or you can always mail your tax deductible donations to us. 

Dorcheat Museum

P.O. Box 1094 

Minden, LA 71058

Our Fundraiser Letter For Spring 2022



Dear, Supporters of the Dorcheat Historical Museum,

Spring is in the air, and even though we are still a little slow on visitors due to Covid, we have seen a surge of interest in what is going on at the museum. We had hopes that by the fall of 2021 we would be back in full swing with our speakers at the museum….but due to ongoing concerns we have chosen to wait it out for a while longer as a safe-guard for our patrons. We are working on two events that we hope you will participate in!

Our TIE ONE ON Apron exhibit and event are going on now! Even if you don’t have an apron but may have a handwritten recipe and a few older pictures of the recipe writer that will work and be included in the cookbook that will be offered at the end of the event. The TIE ONE ON exhibit will run from now until Oct 1st, 2022. Our BIG NEWS IS ALSO THAT OUR GALA will HAPPEN THIS YEAR….it will be a part of the TIE ONE ON exhibit and will take place Monday Sept 12th, 2022…more details to follow on that.

It is still our hope that we can honor John Agan once we get back to hosting events. In fact we would like to highlight all three of the History Keepers with a program to include information about John Agan, Dr. Longino and Mrs. Campbell. I think, without these three people, much of our history would be gone forever. It seems so appropriate to us and would be a wonderful tribute to celebrate all of them together in a special evening event.

Now to tell you about the progress that we have made in just a few short months…. BIG DRUM ROLL FOR Jessica Stewart Gorman of Minden! She has agreed to come onboard as part of the Museum family of History Keepers. She is an avid genealogy researcher and knows so much about Minden’s past history. Many have met her at the Genealogy meetings at the Webster Parish Library or at the museum. She has done so much work at the Minden Cemetery repairing headstones. It is amazing to see her passion to work and repair these. She is very knowledgeable about Minden’s history and all the family connections of the past. She has a passion for our history that you don’t see often in a person of her age. She is very dedicated to the museum and all our history. I laugh and I am not sure she takes it as a complement when I tell her “She is me 20 years ago”. She is much better at newer technology than I ever hoped to be and she has worked at getting us going with a Dorcheat Museum Youtube Channel! You can now go and watch FREE our “Nights For The Museum” speakers! This alone will be a great asset to the museum and keeping history alive and in front of people. We can share all the oral history we have collected since 2008! We have over 68 videos being uploaded and more to follow. So subscribe to our channel and check it often. We are also sharing those on a regular basis via Facebook when possible. I am so excited to finally have someone that figured out how to get them uploaded!

With Jessica onboard, now we have been able to meet more people afterhours and on the weekends with call ahead visit request. This is working out great to have someone else that is knowledgeable of both museum and cemetery. During Christmas, we were even able to be the tour guides on the hayrides through the historic district telling our history and leading a Christmas song or two!

Another great and much needed thing we now have is a nice website we can now take credit cards for items plus you can make financial donations online at your convenience. We even have it set up if you would like to make a regular monthly donation. The website has a sample of our books that you can see, easy click button to take you to the Youtube channel, it is a nice overview of what we are all about and our progress. Check it out, we think you will like what you see.

Coming soon at Minden Brookshire’s grocery, will be a special installation of historic area pictures that will highlight Webster/Minden history and our museum. This is a collaboration with the remodel team of this store. We are in hopes this great visual will bring much needed attention to the museum.

Minden/Webster Parish is ever changing but with your help we can keep some of the past preserved. Our rich history seems to fade more quickly than ever these days. History is not there for us to change. It is there for us to learn from. I hope that you will continue to help us keep Webster parish history alive for future generations. So many want things to do in Webster Parish…. but so few are willing to support it. We ask that you not be that person. Every dollar is so much appreciated and with the rising cost of everything it is needed more and more.

You can make a difference at the museum for 2022. We will greatly appreciate any help you can offer financially. Remember we are a 501 C3 nonprofit. You can now donate online with our new website for your convenience.


Schelley Brown Francis                                               Jessica Stewart Gorman                                       Louise Baird Snook

Dorcheat Museum Director                                        Assistant Director                                                    Dorcheat Museum Board President

116 Pearl Street P.O. Box 1094 Minden, LA 71058 Phone#318-377-3002